One standout feature of the EcoGuard Disposable Face Masks is the three layers of protection. Designed to effectively absorb odors and wick away moisture, these masks remain dry and comfortable during use.

With a focus on breathability, EcoGuard ensures a reliable defense against environmental elements, making these masks an essential companion for daily activities.

Proudly Made in the USA: 🇺🇸 EcoGuard takes pride in producing these 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks in the USA, reflecting a commitment to quality and supporting local manufacturing. Each box contains 50 masks, ensuring a steady supply for everyday use.

Breathe Easily and Effectively: 😷 Designed for general use, these masks effectively block droplets and dust, providing users with a reliable defense against environmental elements. The non-woven material efficiently wicks away moisture, ensuring comfort while wearing. Note: Single use only.

Three Layers of Protection: 🛡️ EcoGuard’s breathable non-woven masks offer three layers of protection, effectively absorbing odors and keeping the mask dry during use. With a focus on moisture management, these masks provide reliable defense wherever you go.

Comfortable Fit for Most Adults: 🌐 The elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip ensure a comfortable fit for most adults. Whether you’re at the office or outdoors, these masks offer a secure and personalized fit, allowing you to go about your day with confidence.

Bulk Pack for Convenience: 📦 With 50 masks per box, EcoGuard provides a convenient bulk pack for users who need a steady supply of reliable face masks. This ensures you always have a mask on hand for various situations and environments.

Trusted Manufacturer: 🏭 EcoGuard Inc. is a seasoned and experienced United States company with a decade-long expertise in leading technical and engineering practices in the industry. Trust in a brand that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction.

Daily Protection Essential: ☑️ These 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks are essential for daily protection. Whether you’re heading to the office, running errands, or enjoying outdoor activities, EcoGuard ensures you have a reliable defense against airborne particles.

Moisture-Wicking Technology: 💦 The non-woven material used in these masks incorporates moisture-wicking technology, ensuring that the mask remains dry during use. This feature enhances comfort and usability, making EcoGuard masks a practical choice for everyday life.

Q: How many masks come in a box? A: Each box contains 50 EcoGuard 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks, providing users with a convenient bulk pack for everyday use.

Q: Can these masks be reused? A: No, these masks are designed for single use only. EcoGuard emphasizes the importance of using a fresh mask for each use.

Q: Are these masks suitable for most adults? A: Yes, the elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip ensure a comfortable fit for most adults, making these masks versatile for various face shapes and sizes.


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