MILK MAKEUP’s Mini Hydro Grip Primer redefines makeup priming with its unique shot of blue agave extract, creating an invisible layer that locks in your makeup for an enduring, all-day hold.

This special formulation, infused with hemp-derived cannabis seed extract, not only hydrates your skin, leaving it plump and smooth but also ensures your makeup stays put. The gripping effect activates after a minute, providing a flawless and enduring makeup experience. 🌟🌱

Hydration and Longwear in a Mini Package: MILK MAKEUP’s Mini Hydro Grip Primer is your ticket to hydrated, long-lasting makeup, all within a conveniently sized package. This primer, though mini, packs a punch, ensuring your makeup stays flawlessly in place throughout the day. πŸ’¦πŸ’„

Hemp-Derived Bliss for Your Skin: Elevate your skincare routine with hemp-derived cannabis seed extract in MILK MAKEUP’s primer. Experience the bliss as it hydrates, plumps, and smoothes your skin, providing the perfect canvas for your makeup. 🌿✨

Invisible Makeup Grip with Blue Agave Extract: MILK MAKEUP introduces a makeup primer with a secret weapon – blue agave extract. This ingredient forms an invisible layer, gripping your makeup for an all-day hold. Activate the full grip effect by allowing the formula one minute to fully absorb. πŸŒŒπŸ›οΈ

Boosting Skin Health with Natural Extracts: Experience a healthier-looking base with MILK MAKEUP’s primer. Infused with aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid, and B vitamins, it provides a nourishing boost to your skin. Achieve a radiant glow reminiscent of the post-hot-yoga-class vibe. 🌸🧘

Versatile Formula for All Skin Tones and Types: MILK MAKEUP’s Mini Hydro Grip Primer comes in a silicone-free, oil-free, and green-tinted formula that seamlessly blends into all skin tones and types. Enjoy a universal primer that caters to everyone, offering a flawless base for your makeup. 🎨🌐


Q: How long does it take for the full grip effect to activate? A: Give the formula one minute to fully absorb, allowing the shot of blue agave extract to create an invisible layer for the full grip effect.

Q: Is the Mini Hydro Grip Primer suitable for all skin types? A: Yes, the primer is silicone-free, oil-free, and formulated with a green tint that works universally across all skin tones and types.

Q: What makes the hemp-derived cannabis seed extract special? A: Hemp-derived cannabis seed extract in the primer hydrates the skin, creating a plump and smooth canvas for makeup application, ensuring a blissed-out skincare experience.

Feature Description
Size Mini
Makeup Hold Longwear
Special Extracts Hemp-Derived Cannabis Seed, Blue Agave, Aloe Water, Cherry Blossom, Hyaluronic Acid, B Vitamins
Formula Silicone-Free, Oil-Free, Green-Tinted
Activation Time 1 Minute
Makeup Grip Effect Invisible Layer with Blue Agave Extract
Skin Boosting Healthier-Looking Base, Post-Hot-Yoga-Class Glow


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