Integrated Glasses Frames: Featuring an Internally Mounted Comfort Fit Acrylic Glasses Frame, these shields are easy to wear – just like your eyeglasses. Enjoy a comfortable fit over your ears and nose bridge. πŸ‘οΈ

No More Headbands: Unlike traditional face shields with headbands, these shields offer Headband-Free Protection with their unique design. Experience comfort without the hassle of headbands. 🚫

Universal Fit: Designed to fit One Size Fits All, these face shields are versatile and accommodating. Share them with family, friends, or use them in professional settings. 🌎

Sanitary and Hygienic: International Salon World Safety Face Shields are ideal for maintaining Sanitary Conditions, making them perfect for salons, clinics, and healthcare facilities. 🌑️

Travel Essential: Whether you’re on a plane, train, or bus, these shields are a Must-Have Travel Companion to ensure your safety while on the move. ✈️

Easy to Clean: Made with durable materials, these shields are easy to clean and Reusable, reducing waste and ensuring lasting protection. 🌟

Wide Coverage: With 180 Degrees of Protection, you can confidently go about your daily activities, knowing your face is fully shielded against potential threats. 🌞

Feature Description
Material Ultra-Clear Thick PET Plastic
Glasses Frames Internally Mounted Comfort Fit Acrylic Frames
Quantity Pack of 10 Face Shields
Size 7.75″ high x 10″ wide
Universal Fit One Size Fits All
Sanitary Ideal for Salons and Healthcare Facilities
Reusable Yes, easy to clean and reuse
Full Face Protection 180-degree coverage
Headband-Free No need for headbands
Travel-Friendly Perfect for travel safety

The Complete Facial Protection these face shields offer, with their wrap-around design that covers eyes, nose, and mouth from all angles, makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to prioritize safety and comfort.

ULTRA-CLEAR and ANTI-FOGGING: Face shields present tremendous clear visibility and have superior optics that permit within the most quantity of sunshine, whereas the anti-fogging materials resists fog underneath prolonged use. The defend is crystal clear, after peeling off each layers of the protecting movie. Reusable after disinfecting. Some meeting required.


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